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Since its launch in 2008, Android has been steadily growing and has become the most popular mobile operating system, empowering the biggest number of smartphones and tablets on the planet. The range of Android devices is wider than any other mobile platform.

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Outsource your Project to Android Developer USA

Android is loved by users and developers for its flexibility, great choice of apps and extensive functionality, which makes Android app development one of the most popular services in the IT industry. Want to build an app for your business but do not know what to begin with? The easiest way to create an excellent app is to hire professional app developers. Software creation is a complex process that requires a wide expertise, a deep understanding the mobile technologies and a great talent. We are exactly the developers you look for because we possess all these characteristics and can supply you with a product that meets your budget and requirements. Over the years, we have delivered a great amount of successful digital projects across different industries. Outsourcing Android app development with us, you invest in the future of your business and satisfaction of your customers.

The Benefits of Working with Us

Hiring our Android developer USA, you can be sure that you will get a quality app that exceeds your expectations. We boast the leading experts in app development who are talented, enthusiastic and skilled in various tools, technologies, programing languages and operating systems.
  • We are one of the top Android app development companies in the USA with an extensive portfolio of projects and world-famous brands among our clients.
  • When building native apps for Android, we implement the most advanced technologies and create user-friendly interfaces that offer quality user experiences and rich functionality to the customers, increasing their loyalty and engagement with your brand.
  • We are the pioneer of Android app design, as our expertise goes back to the very beginning of the smartphone era, therefore, we have had enough time to study the Android environment in and out, learning about its weaknesses and advantages, approaches to development and best design strategies.
App development process is centered around the client and their customers because we care for the full transparency of the process and strive for successful and mutually beneficial results of the collaboration.

Talented Team of Android Development Experts

Programmers, designers and business analysts keep an eye on the latest technologies emerging in the software development industry and translate their knowledge to your projects, allowing you to daty on top of the market. We create groundbreaking product that accelerate business innovation and leave a mark on the software development landscape. Every developer and designer who enters our team comes through a careful selection, passed only by those who meet the highest standards. Therefore, we guarantee you that our experts have a broad experience in building high-quality Android apps that offer seamless experiences and efficient features, and an expertise to solve even the most challenging technical problems, bringing great benefits to your business.

What Makes Us Stand out as App Designers

Exceptional Android developer USA team is what makes us stand out from hundreds of other digital agencies. Starting an app development project with us, you can be sure that you will have the team of the best experts working on your mobile application. All our specialists come through regular training and implement their skill in a particular area of development, which enables our software company to encompass all industries and technologies.

We Drive Innovation

We care for our clients and guide you through the word of app development with great commitment, aiming to establishing a long-term relationships of trust and respect between you and our application development company. Creating a bespoke Android app you make sure that your software will be able to evolve along with your business and will never get outdated like many off-the-shelf solutions available on the market. The team of well-versed, creative and ambitious coders, designers and testers deliver cost-efficient, secure and feature-rich apps to businesses across the USA and all around the world. Forward-minded, curious experts never stop at average results - they endeavor to create perfect products that truly stand out and appeal to customers.

We Understand the Nature of Your Business

For example, we have developers who specialize in real estate and property management solutions - they possess a sound knowledge of the industry, know how to integrate complex software with high-tech hardware and understand the nature of the businesses operating in this specific area. An in-depth understanding of technologies, amazing talent and great passion for our craft are just a few of many qualities that make us a truly outstanding Android design team.

Digital Services for Successful Businesses

We develop bespoke mobile apps for Android devices, iPhone, iPad and other mobile platforms both business and customer-oriented. We can help you with one of the following solutions:
  • App icon design
  • App wireframe creation
  • Native mobile app programming and deployment
  • App submission to App Store, Google Play and other mobile marketplaces
  • Mobile marketing
  • Patenting your software idea
  • Digital business development and research

Our Impressive Achievement in the IT Industry

  • 250+ applications
  • 1200000+ downloads
  • 900+ projects
  • 100+ developers and designers worldwide
  • 100+ loyal clients
Why Choose Us?
We help businesses implement the latest technologies to improve their productivity and mobilise their staff, as well as reach out to the target audience with great applications that change the world around us.
  • Time-proven development process.
    We take the best out of the most efficient approach to software development including lean, agile and waterfall methodologies. Moreover, you as a client take an active part in the process, making important decisions about the functionality and providing your feedback on our progress.
  • Full-scope digital services.
    We are proud of an ability to achieve perfection, seamlessness and beauty in all of our projects. To add more, we can navigate you through the entire world of app development, offering you a full scope of digital services including online marketing, monetization strategy, software patenting, business plan creation, customer research, market analysis or any other aspect that will help your business achieve prosperity and connect to consumers.
The Story of Android Developer USA
Android Developer USA is a digital business development agency focusing on native app development for such mobile operating systems as iOS, Android and Windows and helping businesses establish a strong online presence at the same time. Established back in the 2010, we have gained a solid background in finding efficient solutions for small businesses, startups, large enterprises and internationally recognised brands.
Connect to Your Customers
The primary goal we set before us when working on digital products is to connect the clients with their customers, offering a most engaging and joyful experience. Business development team comprised of the brightest business analysts, marketers and copywriters endeavors to find an efficient strategy that will enable your brand to establish a solid online presence. The business strategy services we offer include roadmaps, business plans, marketing campaigns of different kind and business presentations that reflect your company’s persona and meet its needs.
The Team of Explorers and Curious Minds
Starting the project with our team, you can count on a long-term business partnership because these experts will continuously analyze your business performance, find new ways to increase efficiency and learn valuable information about your target audience that will help us bring your business to an entirely new level. Mobile app development does not stay still, and our expertise evolves along with it - we keep an eye on the emerging technologies, explore new techniques and utilise the latest approaches, sharing our experience with each other and helping each other improve and hone their skills to ensure that we prove stellar reputation as the leading software developers in the USA.
Entrust Your Project to App Development Experts
Seize the opportunity of working with the best programmers who will empower your app with the most efficient technologies. Ambitious developers have a solid background in utilising the latest APIs, the SDKs, cloud-based services, e-commerce tools and social networks, payment systems and online shopping carts.

Get in Touch

We are obsessed with technologies and dedicated to our work. Creating visually appealing and user-friendly apps is our greatest desire, which you will be able to experience outsourcing your project to our incredible team. Do not hesitate in touch with our experts located in the USA and other countries around the world if you are ready to get a seamless, stunning, intuitive, secure and powerful Android application to connect to your audience and boost sales. You can contact us via phone, by email or drop by at our office - we will be happy to meet you.