Featured Cases

Writer Wanted
(a job hunting website for writers)

A company that is engaged in writing job prospects in the USA asked to develop a site that serves to help creative writers find great jobs, whether it is copywriting for websites, journalism, or screenplay writing. We built a brand new website for this new and exciting jobs business. Job hunters can create their own profiles and attach some examples of their previous works while job provider can post jobs and vacancies directly to the website. A responsive layout allows looking for suitable vacancies and right people from any desktop and mobile device.

Stone site
(a website redesign for natural materials vendor)

A well-known international company with a strong presence in the business of natural materials processing had already had a website when they came to us. The problem was that their website became outdated within 10 years of its existence and experienced functionality issues. Aimed at ‘wow’ effect, we delivered our customer modern and effective website that showcase company’s extensive man-made products collection. Our expertise lets us create a winning design with improved navigation and pleasurable user experience.

Camping clothes
(a website redesign and CMS integration for outdoors clothing shop)

Once we worked with a family business established in 1973. Currently, they have several shops dedicated to the outdoors clothing and camping providing an extensive range of clothing, footwear, and equipment. But old and non-responsive website gave them adverse online presence. We refreshed their design site making it adaptive and easy-to-use. We also integrated a bespoke CMS to allow our client update the site with new products and offers keeping it up-to-date.

Railway watcher
(a web app for railway station staff)

One of our web app development projects was dedicated to automation of railway fault detection. We developed a program that was able to monitor hardware reliability, analyze the data in stats and regularly make reports. The system can process large volumes of data due to the batch processing and external indices. A separate background service analyses the data and apply complicated calculations to improve the performance. Today this app help railway network successfully develop streamlining the troubleshooting.

(a web app for planning strategies)

A web app that provides pull planning strategies in an effective manner to help companies to us handle their work better was one of our recent tasks. Our customer wanted to achieve lean production and project management. The top priority was to make it intuitive and simple to eliminate any possibility of users’ confusion because of a too complicated interface. We crafted an app that meets our client’s business goals and target audience needs. Special attention was paid to a user experience and user interface design to make a user-friendly app that simplifies project planning encouraging productive workflow.

(a web app for processing data from two different CRM systems and create financial reporting)

A branded clothing online shop owner wanted to create a productive financial planning tool. As far as our client used two CRM-systems to effectively work with national and foreign markets. We developed a unified service integrating the differentiated data. Web developers used cloud technologies to empower system with the ability to work with huge amount of data coming from various sources. In the end, we delivered a complex web app for financial planning, budgeting, analyzing, and reporting. The program automatically enters the data from customer’s CRMs and allows inputting changes both manually and via Excel files uploading. Our web app allows numerous ways to process and sort the data saving employees time and boosting business productivity.