Custom Software Application Development Services

Maximize IT ROI with professional custom software and application development services.

First-class IT professionals

The IT company provides customized software development services to companies when IT solutions fail to achieve their goals and needs. We work closely with our customers to achieve their business objectives, define project requirements, and create a list of appropriate specifications. We involve experienced business analysts and project managers, engineers and specialized software coders, creative application designers and rigorous testers to ensure the high quality of our digital products. Our development team integrates custom apps on a variety of platforms, such as intranets, extranets, and the cloud. We have developed and deployed robust, scalable architecture and legible code that seamlessly integrates with customer business operations and helps increase efficiency.

Our services include:

  • Business analysis and market research
  • Requirements Verification and Requirements Documentation
  • User interface design, architecture development and function implementation
  • User experience, usability, security, and performance testing
  • Software maintenance and technical support
  • System integration and data migration
  • Redesign, modernization and concierge services
  • Make prefabricated systems and third-party resources
  • iOS
  • android
  • win
  • blackberry
  • html5
  • php
  • Custom Application Development

    Our custom software and application development experience enables us to provide our customers with IT backbones and optimize their internal infrastructure. IT development experts fully define your application requirements, find the most appropriate digital solution to meet your needs, and create a robust, scalable architecture, code, test, and final version based on the specifications. We adhere to industry-standard software development practices and carefully evaluate programs to ensure a flawless user experience and on-time delivery. A passion for cutting-edge technology, multi-industry experience, updated toolkits and regularly expanded skill sets can help us meet the needs of our catering clients.

    Web Design and Development Services

    Leading IT companies in the United States provide customized web development services to companies when packaging software does not adequately meet their policies and requirements. Our custom software application programmers prefer to work closely with our clients to understand their business objectives, define their network requirements, and write specifications for the correct Web solutions, whether sites or sites supported by custom databases. Web designers provide high quality development services to private entrepreneurs and reputable organizations. The web design team gets the perfect combination of creativity and knowledge from the latest technology, which allows us to produce high quality web solutions. Web design is not only good-looking, they are also your way of feeling and operating. The team focuses on making them work hard and deliver measurable and meaningful results. We choose carefully selected programmers on our team to ensure they can push the limits of their capabilities with the best Web solutions.

    Business Mobility

    Increased user and business mobility is expected to grow further due to the increasing capabilities of smart handheld devices and the rapid adoption of users. Now is the time for entrepreneurs looking to move forward to seize the opportunity to design the best custom applicatications for mobile platforms. Since the first version of Apple's iPhone, mobile technology has grown rapidly. The advent of iOS, Android and Windows platforms has brought an increase in the capabilities of mobile applications, allowing companies to work more efficiently and remotely in the field. We are ready to help companies gain a competitive edge and extend the vital information of consumers and businesses at the fingertips of employees. We have focused our efforts and resources on the three main and most used mobile operating systems - iOS, Android and Windows. Thanks to the impressive experience we have in the mobile space, we will be happy to help you with the use of mobile technology.

    Business application

    Our company specializes in B2B services and insists on the results-oriented approach. Programmers and project managers help customers find and implement their biggest challenge. We will help you to successfully integrate your custom software, applications, web systems or any other IT solution to help you achieve your goals. Whether you are looking for digital tools that best connect to your employees, customers, partners and suppliers, or digital tools to optimize and automate key processes, or to promote your brand's global presence - let us be Your IT partner. With the right application, your business can break the bottleneck, increase efficiency, and save significant costs. Based on databases and dashboards, you can make more informed decisions. The right customization software can help you discover new revenue opportunities, monetize your data and content, and enhance customer relationships.

    Customize your application with ready-made software

    Off-the-shelf software means packaged software developed for the general public that has similar basic needs, even if their details may vary. For example, Microsoft Office apps are built for a wide range of public purposes and serve as a comprehensive solution for a variety of user needs. In any case, it is not a specific entity of the custom software. Custom digital products are designed to fully meet the requirements of a single specific entity without basic functionality or useless functionality that distracts users' attention and makes IT solutions sometimes overly complicated. Tailored solutions require that the infrastructure, branding, and consolidation of the organization work for the enterprise.

    Why custom?

    The main advantage of custom software applications is that they provide the central idea of ​​what the unsupported product does not have. Tailored IT infrastructure helps achieve the desired results while increasing productivity, efficiency and speed. Tailored procedures built to meet specific internal needs ensure the cost-effectiveness of such investments because their compensation is to increase efficiency, boost sales, or improve customer relationships. While packaging solutions do not meet changing business needs or extend COTS capabilities to changing business needs, such solutions are becoming more expensive and becoming a guarantee of access to custom software developers.

    • For off-the-shelf products developed for most users, their development and commissioning costs are spread across multiple users and their annual license fees. Talking about custom development, all costs are on your shoulders. As a result, the design process inherently has greater risks and costs.
    • Costs are a key risk factor that prevents companies from starting their own software development projects. Finally, the cost of the program can turn into a number of five figures, though not initially. However, millions of long-term prospects can be saved if the program is written for the goals of your company.

    In addition, it is also important to define user types, as the risk varies according to the target user. It is crucial to understand your needs in depth so that the end product addresses these issues and becomes an economical investment. It is not uncommon to identify additional requirements, but such late arrivals lead to additional costs and development time. Therefore, customers should be aware of the bad planning risk and are prepared to extend the scope of the project, not even for the original purpose.

    Do you need a custom application?

    As a trusted IT partner, we are happy to provide you with free IT consulting services and help you understand whether custom apps are your business needs or what your business does not need. Here, we would like to introduce you to several ideas that can help you decide if a custom application is right for your current needs.

    Security and privacy are top priorities

    Do not meet the specific needs of the sector

    Maintenance costs

    Looking for scalability

    Custom software and application development

    On the business side, information is a treasure to help entrepreneurs and their organizations stay ahead of the market. The company collects and manages a large amount of personal and financial data related to the service. If you are in a financial, real estate, healthcare and other industries where information plays a vital role and should be stored privately and securely, you will need adequate software to comply with the rules of the organization and the expectations of customers. Off-the-shelf solutions are a great goal for hackers. Failure to access or share the risks of personal data that may disrupt business is a good reason to create enterprise apps that meet security and privacy requirements.

    Sometimes it takes a dozen apps to accomplish a task. If that's what your employees are doing, do not be surprised that they do not meet deadlines and your weekly reports are not that impressive. Each package solution has its limitations. If your industry can not find a package that matches your accelerated workflow, it's time to think about custom development. By introducing the capabilities of multiple software solutions to increase operational efficiency, we can help you replace your databases, documents, spreadsheets, and billing collections with a single intelligent application. If your company is involved in one of these industries that does not have a single software package application that meets the needs of your business and some of the programs you use daily are overwhelming and, even worse, these apps can not be integrated into one other and custom software will be useful.

    At first glance, there is no doubt that custom applications are much more expensive than the products available in the store. But this is not a solid truth. In some cases, and vice versa. First, COTS charges an annual / monthly license fee, and pricing is the most unlikely thing you can control. The larger your company, the more significant it is to customize your application, especially if this solution has a separate fee for each employee in your team. But, more importantly, if you need to customize some of the updated solution capabilities, whenever your package is upgraded, you'll be faced with the need to keep those changes up. Not updating the program will greatly improve the security and reliability of the application. Finally, periodic reintegration of these resources will cost more than creating your own applications.

    When you start a business for the first time, you do not need to invest heavily in custom development unless your company means providing mobile apps to the general public. That's why I came to COTS from the start. However, temporary solutions will no longer work for you as you grow. The needs of your business can change dramatically and solutions will only be consumers of your time, money and energy. While custom software can be built with the ability to scale and scale, and provide enough flexibility for business growth.

    We are happy to provide your team with productivity improvement tools and help your organization gain a competitive advantage. Let us help you accelerate and optimize your key processes.. Or modernize business efficiency with networking systems that manage internal activities and improve communication within the team. So let's talk about finding the most effective IT solution for your business.