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Our company specializes in design of mobile apps for iOS, we also have experience in Android app creation and custom software development.

The applications we produce is a highly efficient tool for business needs, active promotion with high commercial effect.

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Our Services

We provide a broad range of services on mobile development for iPhone and iPad – documentation preparation, software programming, mockup creation, UI design, testing and promotion of the apps in the App Store.We pay great attention to problem determination, and we can create simple apps and long-term projects with complicated functionality. We develop turnkey iOS software from creation of visual prototypes to back-end development and launch. We design native programs working on the most popular platforms, however, if the functionality of the software allows, we can also implement it by cross-platform means and reduce development cost for several platforms at the same time.

Design Team and Approach to Work

All development for iPhone and iPad is carried out by the in-house staff of creative mobile designers and is supported by professional managers and marketing specialists. We provide high quality results and flexible cost policy. Before start elaborating we help our client to answer the central question: What is the main task of the software? It is important to remember — the mobile app should always solve a specific objective of a user or have the strong motivating component. Only in this case investments will be justified. Our experts will help to find the optimum solution for any business task.

Flexible Pricing

Development cost for iPhone and iPad depends on the complexity of the project: architecture, design, and functionality of the app.We aim to calculate in details the development cost, exclude any additional "safety" budget and to offer customers the fair price. In the estimation of the project cost, all development stages are considered: designing, prototyping, development (writing of code), QA (quality assurance with testing), up to launch of the app in the app store.

Stages of Design

A well-worked, good-looking and convenient design of applications for iPhone is nearly a half of success of your development. Everything begins with the idea. Expose us your idea, and together we will find the best way to turn it into life.

Demand Analysis

Our team will carry out a scrutinous work on the analysis of the existing iPhone apps in the Apple store to take the best and to avoid their main problems in your future product. This stage is necessary when prototyping software

Determination of Functionality

The iOS application should solve one or another problem. The excessive, indistinct or insufficient functionality leads to considerable difficulties at an implementation stage. The majority of these challenges can be avoided at a design stage.

User Scenarios

User scenarios are created to reveal the objectives the users of an app should achieve on every screen. Our designers define in what situations the software will be used and how it will be able to facilitate the life to a user.

Navigation Development

Creation of a clear user structure is crucial when designing the intuitive navigation on iPhone. What button where conducts? Whether there are steps which can be passed? It is important to use those elements of navigation which will suit the structure of your product best of all.


We test the usability of design to shape the product into more rational, convenient and minimalist. Good applications imperceptibly help users to solve their problems, thus, it is necessary to develop mechanics of rendering the hidden help.

Screen Designg

The design is closely related to navigation. It determines how elements shall be located on the screen of iPhone, how to make buttons convenient, screens informative, and behavior of the user natural. IOS application development includes work on navigation and functionality planning. After that, it is possible to start creating interface design of prototypes to be prepared to the main development stage.

Design Development

When we finalize the prototypes, we can begin development of the design. Our creators perfectly know how to make it handy, functional and appealing at the same time. One of the last development stages is polishing of all the elements and adding gloss. Here, it is possible to release creativity and to invent extraordinary design thanks to which the app will gain recognition in a store.

App Store Image

Taking into account that the attention of a user is usually attracted to something bright, unusual and pleasant, it is vital to create the design of the application page in the Apple store. Our designers are perfectly aware of the latest trends in the digital market and will elaborate noticeable icons and screenshots, to make your software remarkable on the store.

Why Do You Need an App?

Software for iPhone is the effective marketing tool directed to the existing or potential client who uses all the possibility of iOS platform for search and payment, booking of hotel rooms or tables at restaurants, receipt of news about innovations or discounts in favorite shops. If you want to reach the mass user of mobile gadgets, a mobile app is the best way to enter this digital market.Corporate mobile solutions allow employees to resolve production issues and to be in touch 24 hours a day by means of the smartphone or the tablet, even out of office. Integration of mobility and setting out employees with iOS platform possibilities allow getting additional benefits before competitors. Mobilization and automatization of business processes can considerably increase the efficiency of the companies, accelerating interaction between employees and simplifying everyday business affairs.

Application or Mobile Website

Some corporations have the financial capacity to have both an application and a mobile website, while other companies face the necessity to choose only one of these two options to create. To make a right choice, companies usually managed by such aspects as: cost, functionality, usability and target audience. Statistics shows that iPhone users give preference to mobile apps. So it is a good reason for mobile software building - to reach out to new customers and retains the existing ones.
Design Possibilities
Native programs have a lot of useful options to provide a better user experience and make interaction with the software intuitive. The actions and gestures, including swipe, tilt, slide, drag, pitch and more feel so natural and handy, while mobile websites primarily depend on the buttons. Moreover, sites primarily rely on browsers to perform the functions, and it is not always convenient for mobile use. We know how to develop software for iPhone in the way to attract users and get the profit of all possibilities of a iOS app.
A mobile app allows providing the users with a new positive experience. There is a great chance to create a new branding to present your business in another way, or to improve the existing brand, making it more appealing and up-to-date. Many businesses prefer to change branding when design apps for iPhone because it gives a perfect chance to better express your identity. Moreover, a mobile decision has a lot of customization opportunities - user can adjust it according to their preferences. This makes every user feel special.
Email marketing is considered to be the most widespread method of communication with customers in the modern digital world. But a great number of businesses often abuse sending emails, spamming the customers with dozens of letters. As a result, emails have lost the efficiency and stop being the most useful marketing tool. Mobile design can do a great favor providing notifications to connect with your audience. At your disposal two key types of notifications - push and in-app.
Push vs. In-app
Applications for iPhone provide the ability to send nonintrusive instant notifications to promote business and transfer information directly to a customer.
  • Push-notifications. The main distinction of push notifications is that they can be sent to the user at any time.
  • In-app notifications. The users will receive in-app notifications only when using the app.
Thus, if you choose push-notifications, you will be able to reach users even when they totally forgot about the existence of an app on their smartphone.
Additional Opportunities
IOS apps provide endless personalization possibilities. You can communicate to the customers based on their location, interests, online habits and much more. A well-made mobile software offers an outstanding personalized user experience. It allows to set up preferences and get customized content.Another considerable advantage of applications is the possibility to conduct analytics, using the special options - to track user engagement and interaction, provide them with personal recommendations and also optimize the software on the basis of this data.
Personalised Content
Moreover, GPS technologies enable iPhone apps to identify user location and offer specific content on the go. Such personalisation not only creates the positive user experience but also can boost conversion rates. Statistics shows that personalized offers encourage customers to contact you and make a purchase.Our experts have a vast experience in promotion and will help you plan and initiate the campaign in the best way possible.

We Know How to Design Your App

We create software for the most popular platforms, allowing to capture the maximum audience:
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • Android for Tablet
  • Windows
  • Windows Phone
Have an idea for software development? Our designers will shape it in the most convenient application for iPhone or any other mobile device at a fair price.