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Our team has mastered the process of the transformation conception into a desired piece of software making our company one of the leading software development firms and service providers in the USA.

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Idea transformation is a complicated process of designing, programming, testing and debugging which requires design and coding skills as well as industry insight and understanding of the business workflow. That is why, development process usually starts with the idea verification, research, prototyping and only after that it comes to coding.

Bespoke Software Development

Bespoke, also known as custom, software development refers to the tailor-made program creation with the purpose to meet clients’ needs. A custom program is personalized to the client’s requirements so that it performs the functionality which is necessary to the customer and look according to the customer vision. Our developers have been delivering bespoke solutions for over seven years helping customers to achieve their business goals. Starting a new project, we gain business insight to ensure that we grasp the understanding of customer’s needs so that we can find the most suitable solution for a particular situation.

Mobile Applications

Our software development firm has a strong team of mobile developers who are proficient in the creation of native and cross-platform mobile applications of any complexity. Whether your aim is to reach a global audience and engage users with interactive UI design or create a functional program that will ensure your staff mobility and efficiency, our firm knows how to meet your business objectives. We know how to attract users and make them love your mobile application as well as how to make a mobile solution a useful tool that solves business challenges. Our firm strives to deliver highly usable mobile apps that help companies to cope with their business challenges and reinforce their brands. Our team can offer you mobile development for:
  • iOS platform;
  • Android operating system;
  • Windows Mobile;
  • Cross-platform and Hybrid development.
Tell us about your app idea, and we will make it real adding valuable input based on the experience and understanding of mobile technologies.

Web Software Solutions

Our company has collected experienced software engineers and united them with a common goal to provide customers with dynamic web applications, portals, and systems that help to overcome different business obstacles, optimize the workflow, and automate time-consuming operations. We have proved our expertise in many verticals and domains from e-Commerce and e-Learning, to Finance, Logistics, and Medicine. Web department offers a variety of services including web design and development, audit, integration, and maintenance. We can help you to build:
  • Mobile-friendly website;
  • eCommerce website;
  • Customer/Community/Partner/Vendor Portals (Intranet/Extranet);
  • Learning Platform;
  • CMS, CRM, ERP and other systems.
  • Web application;
  • Bespoke Database
We help clients to determine their business needs and find the most suitable and applicable solution utilizing our expertise and industry insight. The firm provides full-cycle development honing software solutions to the perfection and technical excellence.

Short Facts About Our Software Development Firm

120+ IT Experts

We unite more than hundred in-house business analysts, project managers, software engineers, UI/UX designers, web and mobile developers, and QA experts and we are still growing what speaks for the reliability and successful firm development.For over seven years in IT industry, we have been gaining valuable experience and sharpening programming skills so that we could use this knowledge in every project we work with. Our firm’s longevity and constant growth indicate the professionalism and credibility.Our software development firm can boast a high rate of customer retention due to high-quality of software solutions and ability to meet client’s expectations. We collaborated with SMEs and 500 Fortune companies providing them with top-notch apps and systems.

Key Technologies

Since the foundation, our firm has been collecting a comprehensive technology stack encouraging developers to learn the latest innovations and get acquainted with newest trends and tendencies. And we can be proud that our programmers can use this mix of innovations and proven methods to resolve challenging problems with the right technology. Software engineers used to adopt emerging technologies with the purpose to utilize them for the realization of the most ambitious projects. The development firm will guide you through all the available technologies and based on your needs and requirements we select the most appropriate software solutions applying respective technologies and tools. Software firm has several departments dedicated to each technology and when we face the necessity to work with one of them project manager draws programmers and developers who specialize in the required IT domain.
Web Technologies
Web programmers build bespoke software solutions from scratch ensuring full customization of the web product functionality and look. We have specialists who work with front- and back-end programming providing both server- and client-side scripting.
  • Java team helps to deliver e-Learning, real-time communication, including video messaging, inventory management, loyalty programs and many other web solutions with this general-purpose and object-oriented programming language which is highly applicable with as few implementation dependencies as possible.
  • .NET developers utilize the Microsoft’s software framework with an extensive class library to deliver the most advanced and top-notch features. The knowledge of this technology lets our firm to match the most complex project requirements creating custom apps, customizing third-party software and integrating apps. This is the tool we use working with the tasks related to data management and analytics, CRM integration, e-record keeping, CMS creation and many other enterprise-level software solutions.
  • PHP department is usually responsible for CMS enhancement and customization, video streaming functionality and real-time communication, web portals, social media features, and payment gateway integration as well as many other operations. PHP experts are experienced in coding scalable, functionally rich and reliable web apps with this general-purpose scripting language which can be easily embedded into HTML5. Besides, PHP team enable us to provide back-end solutions for mobile apps with the help of JSON and REST services.
Besides, we are well-versed in front-end web technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 ensuring fast performance and modern look with sleek design across a variety of devices with various screen sizes. Our front-end expertise let us implement stunning visual effects with advanced data visualization.
Mobile Technologies
Our software firm has a capable team of mobile developers who are proficient in native, cross-platform, and hybrid development embracing all major platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. High-qualified experts smoothly integrate your business app into the mobile market ensuring outstanding user experience.
  • iOS developers maintain eminent tech stack which includes professional usage of Xcode IDE and equally good knowledge of both Objective-C and Swift programming languages which enable us to implement native APIs getting the maximum of the operating system capabilities.
  • Android team can use both Android Studio, and Eclipse integrated development environments with the help of Java coding and JS libraries achieving native feel and look of the mobile program and high usability and performance adjusting the design to the diversity of Android devices.
  • Windows Mobile programmers will help you to reach 50 million audience users of this platform with their expertise in Visual Studio IDE, and C++, C#, and Visual Basic. Considering the latest update of this operating system with its universalization, we will help you to embrace all Windows device family with one program.
  • Xamarin knowledge allows to build cross-platform applications for iOS, Android and Windows with a shared C# codebase and implementation of native APIs getting. We have already delivered several projects implementing this technology and have a sufficient experience to help you benefit from it.
  • Cordova, also known as PhoneGap, also complement developers’ skillset letting to build hybrid apps with web technologies HTML, CSS, and JavaScript reducing the development time.
No matter what how complex is your app project and what technologies it requires to be developed and deployed, expert developers can assure you that we will meet your expectations with easy-to-use, user-friendly, high performing application with polished UI design and intuitive user experience. Whether you need a mobile or web program, the reputable IT firm delivers you visually appealing and highly usable solutions which seamlessly run across the required devices.
Software Development Models
Professional software firms always suggest flexible development model ensuring smooth cooperation and transparency in interactions with their customers. As one of such firms, we highly value customers’ points of view on the development and carefully listen to their requirements building long-term business relationships. There exist two widely-used development models which have proven their delivery capabilities and starting the collaboration we select the one which fits your project the most.
Waterfall Methods
Waterfall development model is a traditional way of software development which fits projects with detailed specifications and clear customer’s visualization. Here, app creation presents a gradual process where developers should move step by step from one development to another when they have it finished. Such methods let fix the price and time of the development and imply thorough documentation.
Agile Development
Agile development model is an iterative, loop-structured process which brings flexibility and adaptivity to the evolving requirements and needs of the customer. If you have doubts about application specifications and not sure what features should be integrated, we can keep to agile methods letting you make changes and navigate dedicated developers throughout the development. The drawback of this model is its undefined time and budget with only approximate cost estimation. But at the same time, it speeds program launch and ensures high quality.

Why Entrust Your App Idea to our Software Firm

  • Company’s designers will ensure user engagement with an interactive UI/UX design, adaptive to different screens’ sizes and resolutions;
  • Software developers keep up with the latest updates in the IT industry providing rich functionality and high level of customization;
  • Quality Assurance department will conduct an intensive analysis of the system reliability and via numerous tests ensure bug-free user experience and seamless performance;
  • Project managers have sufficient experience in different industry verticals, and they use this industries insight to add valuable input into your development case;
  • Professionalism and reliability help us to deliver the desired results on time and within the budget;
  • We are committed to helping you succeed as we see your success as our own.

Find More About Software Development

Tell us about your business challenges and innovative ideas, and we assure you, that we can find a perfect solution for your business.